Scratch Screening 2

Saturday 28 September, 7pm, Auris Lecture Theatre, University of Aberdeen

Free – All welcome!

George Barber: Beyond Language

A pioneer of British video art, George Barber was a founding member of ZG Magazine and a leading figure in the Scratch Video phenomenon of the 1980s.  Moving away from Scratch in the early ’90s, Barber created many lo-tech video pieces and was influential in defining the then-emergent ‘slacker’ aesthetic.  Narrative is at the centre of much of his work, whether deconstructing it as in Scratch, or creating humorous and absurd situations to find existential meaning in the margins of modern life.  Beyond Language presents a broad selection of Barber’s influential video work from the past 30 years from proto-Scratch works of the early ’80s to his recent return to assemblage and appropriation.  The programme was curated by the LUX Archive.