Upcoming Residencies

6-13 April: New Approaches to Traditional Music (Residency #1) with Alasdair Roberts

14-18 April: Temporary Blindness: dance residency with Gabriela Sanchez

5-9 May: dance residency with Aaron Jeffrey, Rob Heaslip and Simon Gall

5-6 June: dance residency with Thania Acarón and Richard White

9-13 June: dance residency with Thania Acarón and Richard White

Some exciting collaborations coming up over the next few months.  The first is an ongoing project with folk musician Alasdair Roberts which is working towards a performance at Woodend Barn, Banchory as part of this year’s Sound Festival.  We will be doing a series of residencies in the Braemar/Cairngorm Park area to explore the history, landscape, folklore and musical heritage of that location; a process of researches which will inform the musical work which we create together.

Immediately following this is a collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Gabriela Sanchez who I’ll be working with for the first time. In May I’ll be working alongside musician Simon Gall and dancers/choreographers Aaron Jeffrey and Rob Heaslip where we’ll be developing material produced during the Fast and Dirty workshops run last November in Aberdeen by Bill Thompson and Ian Spink.

Finally, with the help of Thania Acarón and Richard White, I’ll be bringing my Witching Hour project to life during the course of two residencies (one at Woodend Barn and the other at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen).  Also contributing their vocal talents is poet John Mackie and Anna Lavigne.

I feel very honoured and excited to be working with so many gifted artists and can’t wait to see/hear the work that we eventually produce.

On a completely unrelated matter, here’s a piece of music that’s been inspiring me over the last week:

SEXTOYS and Friends


On the 1st November, I’ll be performing a live solo electronics set at The Tunnels, Aberdeen.  This will be followed by a noise dance-theatre set by Sextoys with Bill Thompson, Ian Spink and Kirsten McLean.

The Facebook Events page can be found here.


Scratch – Workshop #1

scratch 1


Today was the first of the Scratch Workshops in Aberdeen as part of the upcoming Sound Festival.  The workshop was preceded by a screening last night of Ian Helliwell‘s short audio-visual works as well as my own Orphans series.

Today’s workshop was led by Mark and Jo from OKO Lab.  Working directly with 16mm film – some blank, some “found” – participants were able to create their own experimental audio-visual works.  A variety of lo-fi techniques were explored including scratching and drawing upon the celluloid and optical sound strip, splicing and producing loops.  All the results were combined to produce a single projected film. Some still images below – click to enlarge:

Scratch 3Scratch 4Scratch 5Scratch 6


The next workshop will explore accessing digital online archival footage and editing “found” film together.  The final workshop will be devoted to producing a soundtrack to the films created during the previous sessions.  The final results will be screened as part of the Sound Festival at the Belmont Picturehouse on the 3rd November from 7.15pm.  The event is free – all welcome!  Further details here:


Scratch 7